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LMS ODATA Error and Curricula API call error

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Hi Expert,

Is there any LMS ODATA API can be used to check whether the curriculum contain items ,we have users both standard available curricula API's Admin curricula and user curriulastatus, Search curricula

We’ve checked the LMS Odata API “admin/curriculum-service/v1/UserCurriculumStatuses”, but return field totalCount always return “null” value even though there are items in the curriculum.

As per SAP processor advice we have users $count function in the call. For example: /learning/odatav4/public/admin/curriculum-service/v1/UserCurriculumStatuses?$filter=criteria/userID eq '' and criteria/curriculumID eq '' &$count=true but still no results.

Can any one of you face these kind of issues and what would be the solution to this or it has to be handled in error exception handling in HCI side and pass on. please advise



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