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OBX-24299 -- Change in Onboarding Data Collection Drafts

Galactic 2
Galactic 2


with 1H 2023 release we are struggling with implemented changes in onboarding data collection drafts. 


  • candidate is having troubles with completing all the required fields in data collection, saving inputs as draft and calling to our help desk
  • guidance is not successfull from our end so we go to Onboarding Dashboard > Onboardee > Actions > New Hire Data
  • Here we see all the inputs from onboardee from his/her draft and we update the problematic field for him/her
  • onboardee now can continue with onboading process - personal data collection

with the new release feature this kind of support is no longer possible. When we go Onboarding Dashboard > Onboardee > Actions > New Hire Data we can't see onboardee's draft and the whole form is blank.

Is anyone else having the same struggle as us?

Is there any way to keep the draft edits available but hide it behind RBP permissions (so only ONB config admin can access draft and change it)?




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