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Onboarding Records In Reports

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Hi - Looking for others' experiences on this issue we are facing in advanced reporting. Our reports are pulling in records that have yet to complete ONB process. There was a KBA provided to use the filter to remove any records that have not completed ONB. For a customer implementing ONB 2.0 after EC, this can pose some issues with overhauling all our reports. Are there any other workarounds or enhancements that acknowledge this as an issue for other customers? If I can get the communities to support in voting for this enhancement, Request ID: 302074

Happy to edit if there are other ideas on how to resolve this. 

Many thanks,

Galactic 6
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Phil, we currently use ONB 1.0 with EC but will be moving to ONB 2.0 in the future, so I am anxious to understand more what you are experiencing. For the users who have not yet completed their ONB process but are showing in your advanced reporting reports, are their BizX profiles still inactive and their EC records not yet effective?

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