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Possible use case for Disabling and Deleting Home Page Cards

Galactic 5
Galactic 5


In response to WEF-31753 Disabling and Deleting Home Page Cards, I have a question about a possible use case.

Currently, we have goal reminder cards for employees showing on their home page where they did not complete their goal(s) from last year. These reminder cards could not be removed, and the goal plan is now inactive in order to prevent updates to the wrong goal plan year in error. We did not want employees to be marking these goals as completed as they were not, and that was the only way to remove the card. And thus, they remain.

Now, with this new feature I am thinking of a new process that might work to resolve the above issue. We could disable the goals cards and run the process to remove all existing goals cards (including those for old prior goal plans that were never completed). Then we could re-enable the goals cards again. Would that be a new good practice to get rid of old reminder cards for old prior goal plans and then allow new ones as needed be created for the current goal plan? The timing for this would be ideal at the beginning of a new goal plan year.

Unfortunately, since this is for all Goals (performance and development), we would also lose the reminder cards for development goals when we are really only interested in getting rid of old performance goals. I guess I will need to live with that and hope for further enhancements to this feature in the future to be able to distinguish between performance and development goal cards.

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Answers (1)

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@JulieMcSwain  - Yes, this is true - this functionality applies to all Goals cards, not specific types of Goals Card. Currently we don't have this on our roadmap, but will share your idea with internal stakeholders. Thanks,