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RMK-29877 Can a demo be made

Stellar 2
Stellar 2

Is there some more elaborate information available? Preferably a demo as this change requires implementation 

Galactic 5
And more detailed instructions will be good. I went through the support doc on the Help portal and I think more details are required, with screenshots. This is some thing brand new so as a customer, I need to know the detailed steps so I can try this out myself in Preview. Thanks
Galactic 3
This seems like a significant conversion, and it is surprising to not have any screenshots/video of the new functionality to see if it's worth the effort
Galactic 1

I agree, there is very little info available and clients start asking us to help them enable the feature. Please do provide the steps explaining how to perform the migration of data etc. There are some steps in What's New viewr, in section:"Prepare Recruiting data through the Admin Center:" but it is not clear how to perform these steps. Please elaborate on these instructions: 

"Prepare Recruiting data through the Admin Center:

  1. Migrate data into the Job Location generic object, so that locations match exactly between Recruiting and Career Site Builder.
  2. Run an index expansion in the Admin Center.
  3. Run geocoding in the Admin Center.
  4. Run Marketing Brand migration in the Admin Center."

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