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SAP Improvement Request - Allow Standard Fields of Home Address to be permission settled/Controlled

Galactic 2
Galactic 2
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Hello Everyone,

We have a new improvement raised in SAP Customer Influence. See the link below:


Request ID: 310024 - Allow Standard Fields of Home Address to be permission settled/ Controlled

We raised it due to currently Home Address is hard-coded in back-end system (they come to the UI even if it is not configured), plus the current RBP settings is to either give to all or none. As per below screenshot. (Information mentioned as per KBA's: 2469152 & 3209648)


So this means it isn't possible to control by RBP the Standard fields that come with Home Address HRIS element, such as for example Address type field. If this changed, it would support customers that have different country requirements in regards to the standard fields provided.

 An similar previous SAP improvement was raised by other customer in regards to Address type being permission controlled: Request ID: 240475 Enable RBP to Address Type detail

So our suggestion is to request SAP to enhance the behavior of home Address permission behavior, and allow the standard fields to be permission controlled.

Thanks in advance for your support.
Cláudia Velez

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