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SAP Improvement Request: Req. ID308653 Metrics and Usage of all reports in RC

Stellar 2
Stellar 2

If your company does not have restrictions in Report Centre who can create new reports, you might be facing similar problems as we do. A high number of reports and no possibility to audit them. When the report was last run, how many times it was last run and by which users, etc. 

If you would like SAP to work on analytics for Report centre, I would appreciate your vote on this idea in influence centre, Request ID: 308653,
Full details of request

Information regarding reports usage should be made available to System Admins, for example metrics like;
List of ad-hoc reports users have created, who they have shared them (users, roles, groups) with and last run / times run etc.

This helps to System Admins to sunset reports which are not being used and to promote and standardize those which are being run the most! 

Within Reporting Center a report or a tool that would allow us to get following information:

  • Report on the different statistics of reports
  • Option to run a report to have a list of all reports created in the instance
  • With whom these reports were shared with?
  • Last run time
  • Number of times the reports have been run
  • Option to report on the frequency of usage of the Analytics and Reporting feature
  • Option to report out from the system how much employees are using reports or dashboards

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