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System should not give error if all budget holders in the hierarchy don't have budget for spot award

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Stellar 6

Dear all,

Managers are budget holders, and they can give spot awards according to their budgets. Howevere, managers get "no budget error" a lot while creating spot awards. System checks all managers in the hierarchy and their budgets while a manager is giving spot award. If any upper manager in hierarchy used up all his/her budget, system gives 'This employee does not have a budget holder' error and do not let to give spot award. 

We are asking for a change in system logic to include only budget holder's budget in system controls.  I submitted an improvement request. I am kindly asking for your votes.

Here is the link:

Request ID: 296742, 

Thanks in advance for your support.       

Answers (1)

Answers (1)


Thanks for sharing the idea, definitely an interesting idea for Product to take into consideration.

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Hi , I think this can be achieved using custom budget holders please have a look on below KBA