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Verify Course Completion

Galactic 1
Galactic 1

We have an online learning item with scorm content attached that launches using the inline player.  When the course launches there is a line of text at the top of the play with the text "verify course completion" and then a small "recycle" log next to it.  If the user clicks on this the course will mark as complete even though the user has not completed any/all of the content in the course..

Can this be disabled?  I have the online content configured to 

  • Add to History on Completion of All Content, 
  • Users can Review Completed Content from History, 
  • Content is available for launch (available for users)
  • Add to history on pass
  • The Content Object is set to use inline player

  • Course Completion.jpgcompletion 2.jpg
Galactic 5
Good Question, Trevor. Same question from my side? What is the purpose? Can we disable it?

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