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SAP Community Log-in Update
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Do you want to keep up to date with the latest best practice for information architecture? Do you struggle to find like minds to discuss the topic within your own company? If yes, this is the forum for you!  

 Very often in small to mid-size companies our writers, translators, and multimedia experts find it difficult to connect with others interested in information architecture. We frequently work in bubbles and silos, disconnected from each other. 

 As a result, the overall user experience within documentation suffers. Do you have this same problem?  



SAP has a large community of information architects who would love to engage in mutually beneficial conversations with fellow information architects. 

 In this group let’s talk about: 

  • Information architecture best practices 
  • Technical communications, technical writing, and user assistance
  • Product documentation design 
  • Innovations in information architecture 
  • Improving communication between consumers and creators 

 You should join our group if you want to engage in an open exchange of ideas surrounding the Information Architecture topic.

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