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Closing 2022 - podsumowanie

Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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Hi all SAP Community Katowice Members! 

How are you in 2023? Let's create here, under this post, our space for sharing our own summary of 2022. Share your success, discover, idea, anything you experienced last year and want to tell about. 

I would like to share with you some figures that I received from SAP concerning SAP Community Katowice Group as in my opinion the numbers are very good and worth sharing outside. The Katowice Group was launched in mid-July 2022 as a public group on SAP community website, that member can be anyone who wants to be close to the SAP Community Katowice and I encourage you to join. Till December 2022, so within 5 months, the Katowice Group forum has 1375 k visits and 823 unique visitors. We have 41 members and 44 active users in the Katowice Group here. For me personally, as the founder of this group, it is a great success! This means that we have a SAP community in Upper Silesia and that the place SAP created for us here is a great place for exchanging information and communication between us. It is a great success that a group of people is formed who want to meet regularly at Katowice SAP Stammtisch and, also the willing people who may share their knowledge and experience at our future events in Katowice, such as Meet-ups. 

What are your feelings about the Katowice Group here in SAP portal? What are your small/big success or idea or conclusion that you want to boast about? 


Jak zawsze, mile widziane komentarze po polsku i śląsku 🙂