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What are your interests and hobbies?


Would love to hear from the NSQ Group about your hobbies and interests?πŸ˜€

We all have SAP in common, but what else? Please feel free to share here!



I love movies. Back in the old Coffee Corner, I started a club for other film buffs. Members would pick a movie to watch, and we'd get together to discuss on a Saturday.

We would use Zoom back then, but maybe we could do a movie night for the NSQ group. There's a movie theater right down the street from the NSQ campus, in fact.

I also enjoy reading, and, yes, I had a club for that in the community, too -- and that's another one I would happily bring back.

The links are dead, but if anyone wants an idea of which films/books were discussed in the past, check them out here: And if you're an NSQ group member who would like to join me in resurrecting any of those clubs, it would definitely be fun to do in person. We can pick a book and/or movie and make it happen!

@jerryjanda I had a feeling that you are a reader. You inspire me to read more. I particularly like to read historical nonfiction.

In my spare time I like to go on walks and hikes. It has been nice all winter to get out -- today is a bit windy though to do this! 

I also enjoy cooking, traveling, going out to eat on the weekends!! 


Hi.. Thanks for the topic. I have a variety of hobbies. One of my favorites is to upcycle outdoor ceramic animals for people.  I usually know the people I take them from and I repaint them back to their original form or I recreate fun pointism (dots) on the article I swipe from them..  When the owner gets it back they're delighted..  

@Suzann_Watson this is really nice you do this. I'd love to see a picture sometime πŸ™‚

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

I think this group, at 150 miles away, is the closest to me.

Here is my hobby/current project:

Martha Stewart crochet patternMartha Stewart crochet pattern

I am crocheting a scarf based on a Martha Stewart crochet pattern.

Beautiful and I see a hint of Eagles greeeennn πŸ™‚