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SAP Community Log-in Update
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Dear fans of collaboration,

did you know that we onboarded the SAP Service Manager guide for the Open Documentation Initiative? It went live in December 2022. In the beginning of this year, documentation for the SAP Task Center, SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition, and for the new service Intelligent Situation Automation followed.

We have more areas in our pipeline, see our roadmap below. If go live dates are in the future, there is no warranty that we'll meet the deadline. After all, we only release an additional Markdown version for collaboration, so there can be delays due to other tasks of higher priority. Partly done means that an area shared first guides on GitHub, but it's planned to onboard more.

Anyway, I'll update this list when there are major updates, and highlight the latest changes in bold, so it's definitively worth coming back here!

Keep in touch! 👋
- Jens

Guide Title or Service TitleStatusLinkGo live dateBlog Post
Best Practices Guide for SAP BTPDoneReleased Version  
Identity AuthenticationDoneReleased Version Blog from 3-Nov-2022
Intelligent Situation AutomationDoneReleased Version23/02/2023 
Migration Guide for SAP Process OrchestrationDoneReleased Version Blog from 4-May-2022
SAP AI CoreDoneReleased Version13/03/2023 
SAP AI LaunchpadDoneReleased Version13/03/2023 
SAP API Style GuideDoneReleased Version  
SAP BTP (Multi-Cloud Guide)DoneReleased Version Blog from 29-Nov-2021
SAP BTP, Neo EnvironmentDoneReleased Version Blog from 3-Oct-2022
SAP Build Work Zone, advanced editionDoneReleased Version10/02/2023 
SAP Business Application StudioDoneReleased Version Blog from 20-May-2021
SAP Cloud ALM (Setup and Administration Guide)DoneReleased Version Blog from 10-Mar-2022
SAP Custom Domain ServiceDoneReleased Versions Blog from 25-Sep-2022
SAP DatasphereDoneRepository24/03/2023Blog from 28-Mar-2023 
SAP HANA Cloud, Data LakeIn progress tbd 
SAP HANA Cloud, SAP HANA DatabasePartly doneReleased Versions Blog from 30-Sep-2022
SAP Integration SuiteDoneReleased Version Blog from 8-Nov-2022
SAP Job Scheduling ServiceDoneReleased Version Blog from 12-Jan-2023
SAP Private Link ServiceDoneReleased Version  
SAP S/4HANA Cloud for advanced financial closingDoneReleased Version  
SAP Service ManagerDoneReleased Version  
SAP Task CenterDoneReleased Version16/01/2023Blog from 1-Feb-2023
SAPUI5DoneReleased Version Blog from 6-Oct-2022
UI Theme DesignerDoneRepository 15/03/2023Blog from 17-Mar-2023




This week, the onboarding of the corresponding documentation for the UI theme designer, SAP AI Core, and SAP AI Launchpad  was completed, see above.


Today, the onboarding for three guides of SAP Datasphere was completed, see above.