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A New Home in the New Year for SAP Community!
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Goedemorgen, Goedemiddag, Goedenavond, 

Welcome to the 's-Hertogenbosch group within the SAP community. In this group we can meet with the NL community. It is a place to hangout, share events, get to know each other or ask questions. Now we could do this in Dutch of course, and feel free to do so, but the NL community is also home for a lot of non-Dutch speaking members. Hence our welcome in English 🙂

Jan and I wanted to have an NL community group, but, in line with other groups, we decided to go for 's-Hertogebosch, home town of SAP Netherlands head quarters. But please feel free to announce events in here that take place in Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, ... after all we live in quite a small country.

This community group will replace the Meetup for SAP Stammtisch NL that we used so far. In here we, and YOU, can share:

  • SAP Stammtisch NL events
  • SAP CodeJam events in NL
  • Community drinks somewhere in NL
  • SAP Inside Track Netherlands, #sitNL 

We hope to see you here, and in real life at one of our events.

Kind regards

@jpenninkhof and @tbroek 

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