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We’d like to hear from you

We’d like to invite you to some online testing we’re doing for new SAP Learning website designs. Whether you have very little experience or extensive experience with SAP, we’d like to hear from you.Th...


SAP Learning up and running again

During the last days, we experienced some technical issues, but now our SAP Learning platform is up and running again.Tips & tricks:Get certified in three stepsTrack your learning progressHow to bookm...


SAP Learning Tips & Tricks: How to Bookmark a Lesson

With our SAP Learning site, you can easily bookmark a lesson:Go to Logon and start a learning journeyWithin a lesson: Choose the bookmark icon (log in first)All your bookmarks are sa...


SAP Business Technology Platform Actionable Use Cases

Use cases play an essential role in guiding customers through their digital journey and solving business challenges. SAP use cases describe how customers can address business challenges by leveraging ...