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Learn from peers about their low-code journey and write your own blog posts to share your thoughts and experiences as you become an SAP Builder.
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Low-Code Highlight Series - you're invited!

   Call 1 | Nov 22nd - 11am CETTopic: What is SAP Build | Innovations in SAP Build Process AutomationJoin Call 1 !      Call 2 | Nov 24th - 11am CETTopic: Innovations in SAP Build Work ZoneJoin Call 2...


Welcome from Your Advocate for SAP Build

When I was 9, my family went to Israel for my brother's bar mitzvah. On the return, our plane got stuck in Paris for 8 hours because of mechanical failure, and by the time we took off for New York, ev...


How to get started as an SAP Builder

Here's a guide for learning about SAP Build and becoming an SAP Builder.The first stop in learning about SAP Build is a visit to our product pages on the main web site. There, you will fin...


Meet SAP Builder Patrizia Rossi

Patrizia like plants, so she built an application in SAP Build Apps to recognize plants from an image, and retrieve information about the plant  


SAP Build demo at SAP TechEd: How we did it

During the keynote at SAP TechEd, I delivered a short demo of how I can build an app with SAP Build Apps that authenticates to BTP, uses destinations to get SAP S/4HANA and BTP service data, and uses ...


Introducing SAP Builders

Welcome to the SAP Builders community group.The announcement of SAP Build at SAP TechEd 2022 sets the stage for the establishment of this group: "...development teams have become over stretched and th...