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When I was 9, my family went to Israel for my brother's bar mitzvah. On the return, our plane got stuck in Paris for 8 hours because of mechanical failure, and by the time we took off for New York, everyone was cranky. People wanted blankets or drinks, but they had to wait for a flight attendant to help them, and I didn't understand why, since the blankets were clearly in one of the storage bins and the drinks were in the galley.

So I decided to help, and went up and down the aisles, getting people pillows and sodas, and clearing trays.

That's how I see myself now: your advocate about anything to do with SAP Build – the new unified no-code / low-code offering that includes SAP Build Apps (formerly SAP AppGyver), SAP Process Automation (formerly workflow management and iRPA), and SAP Work Zone (formerly SAP Launchpad Service).


I admit I am learning about the new offerings as you are, but I realize I have a little bit of head start, and I will try to give you explanations of how things work and straight answers to any questions you have: about the branding and positioning, about the new features, about how to do certain tasks, even about the limitations of the products ... and if I don't know something, I will try to find out.

My ask to you

Please use this channel to share your experiences (blog), or ask questions (discussions).  If you found a cool feature or created a cool app, write about. If you have a question, whether you are experienced in the tools or not, ask it.

Looking forward to the next months (and hopefully years) of collaborating with you and helping you on your journey with SAP Build. 🔨🔧😃