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SAP Build Challenge: Week 1 - Formulas

This post is part of the SAP Build Community Challenge (April 2023)This week’s challenge involves formulas – a key feature of SAP Build Apps. Formulas are used in bindings of components, and enable you manipulate data before it is displayed in a comp...

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How to return/read BTP user logged?

Hi, BuildersI'm developing a web application using SAP Build Apps, I'm also using BTP authentication and BTP destination.My question is: how can I return/read the user logged (email, ID... anything) using this authentication method?I'm trying to save...

SAP Builders Spotlight

Dear Builders,Do you know your SAP Build project could be an inspiration to other builders, and possibly a solution to the problems of others?The ‘SAP Builders Spotlight’ series is featuring builders like you. This series highlights success stories f...

SAP Build - Currency fields

First look at SAP Build today, in the Sandbox.  I can drag an input field onto the UI and change the properties.  What I would like is to set it so that it looks/presents and behaves like a Currency field.  displaying with a users decimal format or i...

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