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Learning Journey Preparation: Low-Code / No-Code for Business Citizen Developers

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Hi! I'm a business Citizen Developer taking the Learning Journey, Low-Code/No-Code Applications and Automations for Citizen Developers

Question: How to you go through this training on your way to certification? 

For me I do the following:

  • Read and review all the text, videos and diagrams multiple times 
  • Build the apps (e.g., SAP Build Process Automation, SAP Build Apps (formerly AppGyver) and make sure I understand how they work
  • Go through the quizes - make sure I understand them and any related information 
  • Found this Prepare for Certification landing page

What are your techniques which enable mastery and prepare you for the certification? I find you have to be very thorough to be ready? In going through the learning journey, questions can come from areas that seem less important such as...

  • From a dropdown list that may not catch your eye, but should be reviewed...
  • Every component of the building of the apps should be understood and reviewed...
  • And also, words used in the quiz/test maybe different (e.g, For Work Zone they may talk about "access" and then ask a quiz question around "roles &  authorization handling" so you have to be ready for slight changes in wording on the questions).

Thanks for your comments! What are your experiences with LCNC Learning Journey or SAP Certification preparation in general. What works? What doesn't? 

Appreciate your insights and opening up a discussion which will help us business Citizen Developers!:-)



As one of the course instructors of that LJ, I'm curious about feedback, especially on the Build Apps units 😀

Overall it's a very good course. I've gone through the whole thing (had to skip the last part of the Process Automation which I'm circling back on). As a business Citizen Developer this LJ takes a good amount of focus and effort. The biggest suggestion I would provide is that when the software changes that it should be referenced in the text/print screens (I realize it takes more time to update the videos). I would be interested to see short, friendly supplementary guides that reinforce the building of the Process Automation and Apps shared in the videos (could be an FAQ to make it easier to replicate what is built). 

The trainers do a nice job...but at times go very quickly when they click, so I find myself going over 10 or 20 second parts of the videos multiple times to see what happened in a flash.  A professional coder might get through it... us business practioners need a bit more support. Also, if there are questions....can they be asked in this private group? Where's the best spot?

Here's a blog I wrote on my overall positive experience: Business Teams Can Create Their Own Apps (with Occasional Help!). Interested in others insights and experiences!:-)

Thanks for your feedback on the LJ -- I didn't significantly participate in that one, but did in the shorter introductory Compose and Automate With SAP Build the No-Code Way.

Yes, please open questions in this group about anything

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Thx! Very cool! I'll definitely check out that LJ further! I remember the blog on the app for earthquakes! Some very good posts I'll review further!