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This is the current list and description of all available CodeJam topics as of October 2023. 


Getting Started with Machine Learning using SAP HANA and Python

No prior background is required—just bring your curiosity and enthusiasm!

You'll become acquainted with how embedded Machine Learning in SAP HANA can be used to build ML models. In working through this SAP CodeJam you'll also become familiar with how the SAP Business Application Studio works with Jupyter notebooks.

Exercise Content:


With SAP Build, Create Apps, Processes, and Business Sites Without Coding

Specifically, you will get to know the environment by creating:

  • A sales order approval process (SAP Build Process Automation).
  • An app that lets users specify sales order data and trigger that process (SAP Build Apps).
  • A business site in which you will embed that app (SAP Build Work Zone).

You will build an application that allows a user to enter sales order data, and then allows a manager to approve the sales order. To make all this simpler for the user, you will embed the app inside a business website along with other related apps and tools.

To accomplish this, you will create 3 inter-related tools:

  • First, you will create the process with SAP Build Process Automation for taking sales order details, which will send a request for approval to the manager.
  • Second, you will create an app with SAP Build Apps that allows a user to enter sales order details and sends the data to the process and triggers the process.
  • And third, you will create a workspace in SAP Build Work Zone and embed the app there.

Exercise Content: SAP-samples/build-codejam: This repository contains the material for the CodeJam on using SAP Build ...

Hands-on with the btp CLI and APIs

During this CodeJam, you'll learn how to harness the power of the btp CLI, as well as the core services APIs, to report on and manage resources on SAP BTP.

Rather than skimming the surface of these two topics, you'll dive deep into how things work, and also understand how the two are strongly related. You'll get to understand how to get to the rich seam of data that the btp CLI and the core service APIs offer, taking your time with discovery, authentication, making calls and parsing the results.

Exercise Content: SAP-samples/cloud-btp-cli-api-codejam: Material for the CodeJam on the CLI and APIs for the SAP Busi...

Prerequisites: cloud-btp-cli-api-codejam/ at main · SAP-samples/cloud-btp-cli-api-codejam (github.c...

ABAP Cloud & ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

This CodeJam introduces attendees to ABAP Cloud, the SAP Business Technology Platform ABAP Environment, aka Steampunk and the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model. Learn how to use proven and new technologies, such as Core Data Services (CDS) and behavior definition and implementation languages, to build SAP Fiori apps and OData services with the SAP BTP, ABAP Environment. In this hands-on experience, developers will create their first ABAP applications in the SAP BTP, ABAP Environment, expose and consume services via HTTP, and explore the ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model.

Exercise Content: SAP-samples/abap-exercises-codejam: Material for CodeJams on SAP Business Technology Platform, ABAP ...

Prerequisites: abap-exercises-codejam/ at main · SAP-samples/abap-exercises-codejam (

Service integration with SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

During this CodeJam, you'll become acquainted with how external services can be integrated and consumed from within a CAP project. In working through this CodeJam you'll also become familiar with how the SAP Cloud SDK covers connectivity and destinations, supporting such integration scenarios with CAP.

Exercise Content: SAP-samples/cap-service-integration-codejam: Material for the CodeJam on service integration with th...

Prerequisites: cap-service-integration-codejam/ at main · SAP-samples/cap-service-integration-codej...

Introduction to the Core Principles of UI5

This CodeJam introduces you to the core principles of UI5, an enterprise-ready web development framework used to build apps that follow the Fiori design guidelines. This repository is a step-by-step guide explaining how to build a front-end web application using UI5. The finished app is a bookshop app, where users can browse and order books. The app sits on top of the well-known bookshop backend application built with the Node.js flavour of the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP).

Exercise Content: SAP-samples/ui5-exercises-codejam: Material for SAP CodeJam events on UI5. Step-by-step guide explai...

Prerquisites: ui5-exercises-codejam/ at main · SAP-samples/ui5-exercises-codejam (

Connecting Systems and Services Using SAP Integration Suite

In this SAP CodeJam, we will look at different services as part of the SAP Integration Suite and how we can use them to connect our systems and services. By the end of the CodeJam, we will achieve an integration scenario like the one below in the diagram.


Exercise Content: SAP-samples/connecting-systems-services-integration-suite-codejam: This repo contains the exercise i...

Prerequisites: connecting-systems-services-integration-suite-codejam/ at main · SAP-samples/connect...

Combine SAP Cloud Application Programming Model with SAP HANA Cloud to Create Full-Stack Applications

In this CodeJam we will learn how to Deploy and configure an instance of the SAP HANA Cloud trial, develop a multi-target application using SAP Business Application Studio and SAP Cloud Application Programming Model, and create a service layer and SAP Fiori UI that also includes SAP HANA native artifacts, such as calculation views.

Exercise Content: SAP-samples/cap-hana-exercises-codejam: This repo contains the exercise instructions, starting templ...

Prerequisites: cap-hana-exercises-codejam/ at main · SAP-samples/cap-hana-exercises-codejam (github...

Managing APIs in your landscape with SAP API Management

In this SAP CodeJam, we will look at SAP API Management part of the SAP Integration Suite and how we can use it to manage the different APIs exposed by our systems and services.


 Exercise Content: SAP-samples/manage-apis-codejam: This repo contains the exercise instructions for the CodeJam based ...

Prerequisites: manage-apis-codejam/ at main · SAP-samples/manage-apis-codejam (

Coming Soon:

  • React/UI5 Web Components for React




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