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Community Events and Time Zones

This is just a friendly reminder that the SAP Community Events functionality lists times according to your Community Profile Time Zone settings. Not your browser or OS settings. Your default value in your profile is likely not your correct time zone....

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SAP CodeJam request (Bengaluru)

Hi Community,We would like to host a CodeJam session in Bengaluru, India (Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt Ltd) in the last quarter of the year 2023 (We can decide on a date mutually).We are interested in the topic: Using Generative AI to creat...

gaurav11 by Galactic 1
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Requesting the Code Jam in Wrocław

Hi Community,we would like to host a CodeJam session in Wroclaw Poland (Capgemini Office) in in the last quarter of the year 2023 (can establish then when exactly).We are interested in the topic: Service integration with SAP Cloud Application Program...

CodeJam Request for Mannheim in December

Hi Community,we would like to host an SAP CodeJam in Mannheim on 8 December. The topic should be ABAP Cloud & ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model.We had already asked Andre Fischer and Ingo Bräuninger from SAP if they would like to take care o...

SAP CodeJam Request (Zagreb, Croatia)

Hello all,We would like to host the first-ever SAP BTP CodeJam in Zagreb, Croatia!The goal of this CodeJam Event will be to explore the new SAP Integration Suite capabilities - Edge Integration Cell.We would like to host the event in November 2023.Le...

SAP CodeJam Request

Hi,we whould like to host a SAM CodeJam at the CONET office in Bonn, Germany. Our preferred topic is "Connecting Systems and Services Using SAP Integration Suite". We're flexibel when it comes to the timeframe for this event, so feel free to suggest ...

Interested to host CodeJam

Hi SAP CodeJam Team,Im interested to be the  host for SAP CodeJam..Please find out basic details:-Location :-Bhubaneswar(Odisha),IndiaRequested Topic :-Integration SuiteTime frame :- September'2023

SAP CodeJam request (Berlin)

Hello Team,We’d love to host a CodeJam in Berlin, Germany and our preferred topic is "ABAP Cloud & ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model". Although we are flexible with the dates, we would love to host it after summer holidays (In September or O...

CodeJam in Belgium (Gent Region)

Dear CodeJam Team,We are a SAP Partner interested in organizing a code jam focused on ‘With SAP Build, Create Apps, Processes, and Business Sites Without Coding’ and would like to request your support in making this event a success.We already organiz...

CodeJam Cologne

Hi,we would like to host a  CodeJam at the NEOMATIC office in Cologne(Germany) and be happy . Our preferred topic is "ABAP Cloud & ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model". We're flexibel about  the date, but this year would be nice.So we would be...

marcel22 by Galactic 1
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SAP CodeJam at Kolkata on 17th July 2023

Location - Kolkata , 17th July MondayRequested Topic - Any from below 3 topicsA sales order approval process (SAP Build Process Automation).An app that lets users specify sales order data and trigger that process (SAP Build Apps).A business site in w...

SAP CodeJams Dortmund and other locations

Hello CodeJam team,we currently have a CodeJam scheduled for Service Integration with CAP on the 8th of September at one of our offices, in Dortmund, Germany. I think the previous one we hosted was back in 2018. We think about doing these more regula...

Request to host a CodeJam in Belgium

Hello,We would love to host a CodeJam at Flexso, Belgium.Location: Kontich, BelgiumRequested Topic: If possible, the new Build CodeJam sounds great. Time frame: openContact details: ann.koolen@flexso.comBest, Ann.