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Host from your own company?

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Before the covid period, in 2020, we had the chance to invite you to our company for hosting a code jam.

I send recently an email and understood that at the moment that's not the case any more. And it's only organized via the sap-advocates? Do you think in the future there is a chance we can invite you back like before the code jam? 

I really would like that πŸ™‚


Kind regards,

Anton Pierhagen



Yes, we can conduct CodeJam's at locations other than SAP offices and it can be requested/hosted by a community member.  As long as it's open to all other community members in your area. You can make a request here in this forum and then we can discuss it more directly.  

Hi Thomas

That's nice πŸ™‚ Then hereby an request for a codejam hosted at the location of our company πŸ™‚

And certainly, everyone is welcome πŸ™‚

@AntonPierhagen  - I sent you a private message here in the Community Groups to discuss further details. 

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Galactic 1

Hello SAP CodeJam,

we have a interest to organize a SAP Codejam

Topic: SAP ABAP Steampunk

Motivation: We are interested in the new possibilities to develop SAP CLOUD ready "On Prem Systems"

Participants: This event would be open for everybody. ABAP Developer, Architects and on migration involved SAP Consultants

Location: Bern @Swisspost or similar location

Date: Fri. after 13:00 end of February



@jakobflaman - I've also sent you a direct message to discuss the details of your location.  Thanks,

Thomas Jung

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Galactic 1

Hello SAP,

Great Initiative!

We are interested to organize a SAP Codejam at our office premises @aarini - Netherlands.

Topic: SAP S/4 HANA "Keep-Core-Clean" with In-app and Side-by-side BTP

(we are open to any other suggestions from your side)

Participants: SAP S/4 HANA technical Developer, ABAPer, Architect, Basis (all technical/functional people working in SAP)

Location: Aarini Consulting B.v., Wegalaan 4, 2132 JC Hoofddorp

Possible Date: between 17th Feb to 25th Feb



Aarini Consulting


@thomas_jung Hi Thomas, first of all happy new year! Just wanted to check the possibilities at our location in the Netherlands. Thanks in advance!

I sent you a direct message here in the Groups as well to discuss further.

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Galactic 2

Thats nice!

Code jams should resume.

Galactic 1
Galactic 1

Hi Thomas

I am also interested in a company hosted code jam for the benefit of the UK & Ireland SAP User Group.(UKISUG).


The topic would be ABAP Cloud and keeping the core clean by migrating existing development - especially user exits - to the new development model.




Do you have some UKISUG specific meeting/dates that you would want to align this with? Particluar dates or time frames or locations? Or do you want to do this as a standalone event but just target the UKISUG audience?  Perhaps email me at so we can discuss this in more detail. 

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Galactic 1

Hello Thomas,

we are also interested in hosting one or more SAP Code Jams in Bielefeld, Germany.

An interesting topic would be on-stack developer extensibility with ABAP Cloud or Side-By-Side Extensibility with ABAP, but of course we are open for other interesting topics.

Target group would be developers/architects.