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SAP CodeJam Request (Bielefeld, Germany)

Galactic 1
Galactic 1

Hello Thomas,

we are also interested in hosting again one or more SAP CodeJams in Bielefeld, Germany, like we did with the RAP CodeJam this 28.03.2023 before.

In particular, we would like to host the following topics, if possible from your side 🙂

  • Hands-on with the btp CLI and APIs
  • With SAP Build, Create Apps, Processes, and Business Sites Without Coding
  • Getting Started with Machine Learning using SAP HANA and Python
  • Combine SAP Cloud Application Programming Model with SAP HANA Cloud to Create Full-Stack Applications

Regarding the dates we are flexible and could start hosting beginning this year november and could continue over the next year.

Start would be at 9 am, end would be around 5 pm (5-6h SAP CodeJam plus 1h for lunch).

Session size of 25 would be great.


Thank you and best regards!



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