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🇪🇸 SAP CodeJam BTP: Managing APIs in your landscape with SAP API Management (Madrid, Spain)

SAP CodeJam

This SAP CodeJam instance will be about SAP API Management and how we can use it to have some governance around the APIs available in our landscape. Join us for this 4-hour event of developer networking and hands-on learning in Madrid, Spain.

If you are interested in knowing what we will develop during the event, check out the Managing APIs in your landscape with SAP API Management GitHub repo - The repository contains the details of the integration scenario we will go through during the event.

This is a free hands-on, in-person event only (not virtual) and takes place Thursday, the 22nd of June, in Madrid, Spain @ the SAP Spain Madrid office.

Note: We will be running the Connecting systems and services using SAP Integration Suite CodeJam, which is another integration-related topic CodeJam, the day before (21st of June, same location). You can check out the details and register here -

The instructor is Developer Advocate Antonio Maradiaga.

There are essential prerequisites that every attendee must complete before arriving at the event location. You can find the prerequisites here:

If you wish to attend, please indicate that using the "I'm attending" facility on this page. Please note that spaces are limited - we can only accommodate 20 attendees for this event. In that context, if you indicate that you're attending and later realise you can't, please remove your name so that others get a chance instead. Thanks!

Location: SAP España, Torrelaguna, 28043 Madrid, Spain

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Featured Guests

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SAP España, Edificio Flex, Calle de Torrelaguna, 28043 Madrid, España
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Hola a todos,

De momento tenemos 25 personas que se han apuntado para asistir. Lastimosamente solo tenemos espacio para 20. Estoy explorando la option de tener una sala mas grande para poder incrementar el numero de participantes a 30. De no ser posible, un par de semana antes enviaria un correo a los primeros 20 que se inscribieron, para confirmar su asistencia. De no poder asistir voy a empezar a contactar al resto en el orden que se apuntaron.

Cualquier duda me pueden enviar un mensaje por la plataforma o contestar a este comentario.