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🇦🇪 SAP CodeJam With SAP Build, Create Apps, Processes, & Business Sites Without Coding (Dubai, AE)

SAP CodeJam

More details about this event are coming soon!

This SAP CodeJam event is on the topic of "With SAP Build, Create Apps, Processes, and Business Sites Without Coding".

Specifically, you will get to know the environment by creating:

  • A sales order approval process (SAP Build Process Automation).
  • An app that lets users specify sales order data and trigger that process (SAP Build Apps).
  • A business site in which you will embed that app (SAP Build Work Zone).

You will build an application that allows a user to enter sales order data, and then allows a manager to approve the sales order. To make all this simpler for the user, you will embed the app inside a business website along with other related apps and tools.

To accomplish this, you will create 3 inter-related tools:

  • First, you will create the process with SAP Build Process Automation for taking sales order details, which will send a request for approval to the manager.
  • Second, you will create an app with SAP Build Apps that allows a user to enter sales order details and sends the data to the process and triggers the process.
  • And third, you will create a workspace in SAP Build Work Zone and embed the app there.

This is an in-person event only (not virtual) and is planned for Monday 3 July 2023 in Dubai, AE from 09:00 - 16:00 GMT+4. The language of the event and the content will be English. 

The instructor is Developer Advocate Thomas Jung

More details about this event are coming soon!

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Featured Guests

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