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Hands-on SAP Devs: SAP HANA Cloud and CAP to Build Full-Stack Applications Using VSCode

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In this session we will develop a multi-target application using SAP Cloud Application Programming Model and SAP HANA Cloud. We will start from scratch and create a service layer and SAP Fiori UI that also includes SAP HANA native artifacts, such as calculation views.

We will perform nearly all steps in VSCode but also see tips on how to use Git to move your project easily between VSCode and the SAP Business Application Studio.

This content is based upon the SAP Developer Tutorial Mission: Combine CAP with SAP HANA Cloud to Create Full-Stack Applications | Tutorials for SAP Developers

The content is updated to highlight improvements made possible by CAP 6.0. We will use the cds bind functionality to support hybrid testing. This means running and debugging the application locally but securely connecting to remove HANA and UAA instances running on SAP BTP.

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Looking forward to this!