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Use cases play an essential role in guiding customers through their digital journey and solving business challenges. SAP use cases describe how customers can address business challenges by leveraging products or services from SAP and its ecosystem. Until recently, use cases from SAP covered a broad range and offered limited support for customers. However, with the introduction of actionable use cases at SAPPHIRE, we’ve accelerated our use cases from a promotional view to a guided and implementable nature with direct availability and useability for customers and partners.

Why Actionable Use Case

SAP’s actionable use cases highlight key SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) capabilities of extension, integration, and data-to-value through the lens of all Line of Business and Industries. SAP BTP actionable use cases address business challenges and showcase customer stories highlighting value to their organizations. These use cases have pre-built, ready to deploy and implementable content built on SAP BTP. Customers and partners can browse and find the best applicable use case to address their business needs and implement directly in their own IT landscape.

Call to Action

Actionable use cases are a driver of transformation for customers, partners and SAP. Explore selected use cases as implementation examples attached to a BTP Learning Journey or more actionable use cases on the new SAP BTP for LOB pages for Human Resource, ERP, Supply Chain, and Spend Management and implementation steps on SAP Discovery Center.