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You can build the skills you need, for free and at your own pace with our Digital Learning Journey. 
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We recommend to access our Discovering SAP Digital Manufacturing Learning Journey 

This course is a comprehensive module aimed at providing an in-depth understanding of the placement, applicability, and integration possibilities of SAP Digital Manufacturing within the manufacturing vertical structure.

Learning objectives
  • Understand and explain the role and positioning of SAP Digital Manufacturing within the vertical structure.
  • Differentiate between discrete and process manufacturing, and apply the most suitable production method to specific scenarios.
  • Grasp the concepts of the "Top Floor to Shop Floor" model and articulate its implications for operational efficiency.
  • Understand the integration possibilities of SAP Digital Manufacturing with SAP S/4HANA, and comprehend the added benefits and functionalities this integration can provide.
  • Understand the integration possibilities of SAP Digital Manufacturing with shop floor systems, contributing to more efficient and effective manufacturing operations.


Basic knowledge of manufacturing and industrial needs to perform an enterprise-level Industry 4.0 execution. 

Pass all the quizzes and receive a digital badge.

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