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Kill service available or not?

Galactic 2
Galactic 2


I have another question on "Explore Provisioning and Administration with SAP HANA Cloud"

In lesson "Monitoring Resources in SAP HANA Cockpit" there is the statement below

The Kill Service button (4) stops the selected service immediately and if the related option is selected, creates a crash dump file. Normally the SAP HANA daemon will restart the killed service.

There is also a screenshot showing that button "Kill Service". That button was not available in my trial account.

In the quiz there is one question regarding "Kill Service". And the explanation states this

In the Manage Services application of SAP HANA cockpit provided in the SAP BTP, you cannot stop or kill any of the services.

Isn't that a clear contradiction? Any clarifications are welcome



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


@Meinrad Thanks for bringing this to my  attention. The kill button in the current version of the trial account has been removed. I guess this is a good thing, as killing a process touched the OS, and that is something that should not be possible in the cloud.

When I was creating this lesson the kill button button situation was a bit unclear. In Trial it was still visible, but depending on the version you were running it was grayed out.
In my BTP Free Tier and Productive accounts it is was grayed out or already removed, again depending on the version I was running.
To me this looked like this the services card was in an transition stage where the kill button in the end would be removed.

So to make sure that learners in the "Monitoring Resources in SAP HANA" lesson would be aware of the removal of the kill button, I added a note the states the following:
Attention: The Kill Service button in SAP HANA Cloud will be removed from the Manage Services application in SAP HANA Cloud.

It seems that this note went missing during the deployment to the SAP Learning platform, as the note is in the CMS were I work.
I will talk to the SAP Learning platform developers to see what went wrong during the deployment.

To be clear: The kill button is now removed in all SAP HANA Cloud environments (Trial, Free Tier and Production) 

-- Hay

Galactic 2
Thanks for clarification.

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