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Private BTP Endpoints

Stellar 2
Stellar 2

BigCo is concerned that our BTP endpoints should not be accessible from the public internet and should be private.

I've been reviewing the options on this page, and can't see any options that support this:

Is this possible?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Hi cup_noodles 
this is a tough question!
The SAP BTP Learning group helps you to develop the knowledge and skills you need to become an expert for SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). Here you can ask questions and collaborate with other learners to reach your learning goals and to prepare for your SAP Certification exams,  and while the topic you addressed  isn't specifically covered here  and since it can hardly be answered without in-depth implementation knowledge, I can point you to several excellent resources to help find an answer to your question.

I recommend to add your inquiry to Jana Subramanian's blog. 
or to post your  question to a our SAP Community where you can directly exchange with experienced experts with project Background -  SAP Community is a public space where anyone can start discussions and questions are answered by anyone.

SAP Community enables professionals across the globe to connect, exchange information, engage, and receive recognition for your achievements. This inclusive and receptive environment welcomes all individuals who want to seek help and share knowledge about SAP software and solutions.

If you need help, and your issue is specific to the standard functionality of your SAP solution, contact SAP Product Support using the channel listed below which best suits your business impact

Please check

Please always feel free to come back to our SAP BTP Learning group to ask your questions and collaborate with other learners to reach your learning goals and to prepare for your SAP Certification exams. However, for your particular question, I'd recommend the resources above.

I hope this helps, and best of luck!

Answers (2)

Answers (2)


Currently I am working for one of the North America retail client for PR ,PO and Invoicing  from FG to S/4 OP and security was one of the discussion point when we did sales for BTP integration suite   Please connect me on my email and I can  explain more on this based on my experience on below which might be helpful to explain to customer how  we can secure their application  on perm data like ERP business data which is again integrated with BTP application. 

Platform Security

Application Security 

Cloud Connector Security 

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Really depending on what end point you are referring to,

the application end point or the BTP cockpit end point, different BTP runtimes also have different endpoints.

and also depending on whether you are referring to platform users or business users. 

BTP is a basically a PaaS on public cloud, same as Azure in a way, where can be accessed from anywhere but still very secure.