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1808 p20 content reassignment wizard patch

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Has anyone had issue with testing the following fix that was part of patch 20 over this weekend:

Fixes an issue where the Content Reassignment Wizard was not assigning to all selected users.

I tried to test it and selected a item that was assigned a large number of users and only a handful of users appeared for reassignment.  It was missing over 98% of the users assigned.




Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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looks like we are having the same issue  - going to log a ticket with SAP

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Hi everyone, 

I want to make sure some clarification is made in this area of the fix as we have looked into your concern.  The reassingment wizard will only consider users who have taken some action on the assigned course prior to the course being modified.  The only set of users that would show up in the reassignment wizard target are users who have:

* Only Clicked "Start Course" - These users will now be a target of reassignment under the category of "Not Started" in the admin UI

* Clicked "Start Course" and actually launched one of the content pieces in the course - These users will now be a target of reassignment under the category of "Started" in the admin UI

Users who are assigned but have not interacted with the content in any way will automatically start in the updated version of the content structure when they "Start Course" so no reassingment is necessary for these users.

If you are comparing this process to 1708 behavior, there was a seperate issue where users who were loaded in with Failure Learning History through the connector were also showing up in the reassignment wizard, but that has been resolved in 1808 (LRN-27423).  Just wanted to mention that in case it was causing any additional confusion with this issue.

I hope this clarifies the functionality and provides comfort that the right users are getting targeted for the right updates.