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1808p24 - PTCH-30593 LRN-55684 This is an Assignment Profile synchronization issue?

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Does anyone know what the issue was for the Assignment Profile synchronization?  I couldn't find any more details and while I was training users in the evening, I noticed that the Assignment Profile had assigned date off by 1 day i.e. I created and ran the AP around 7pm PST on 9/5/2019 and when I checked the user assigned the curriculum, it shows 9/6/2019.  Then I went to add myself to the AP around 12:30 am PST on 9/6/2019, it shows assigned date 9/6/2019 which is correct.  I will have to wait until tonight to test it again but my concern is the AP is running with a different time zone therefore wanted to know more about the issue. 




Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Hi May,

We wondered the same thing, so I submitted a ticket to SAP. Below is their reply. Hope this helps!


"The LRN-55684|PTCH-30593 is to fix a problem that was happening with assignment profiles that had rules without values. Once the Assignment Profile Synchronization started, an error would occur due to that. With the fix, the system detects this scenario beforehand and do not sync the given assignment profile, avoiding the error."

Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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Hello May,

Since the last update to b1808, I was told that all system date and time is according to the Server. For DC4 its UTC.

If you try testing considering UTC timezone, do you still have issues?


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Galactic 4
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Is the user who was assigned when use first propagated the assignment profile in the Pacific time zone? The user being in a time zone ahead of you would explain the date difference.