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3Q2019 VSaaS Release Schedule

Galactic 1
Galactic 1
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Is 3Q2019 VSaaS Release Schedule already available? I need it urgently. When is it available. Does anybody know?

Thank you,



Galactic 4
Galactic 4

Hallo Christian,

as Sany said the b1908 will be skipped until b2005 is release because of flash replacement.

Kind regards,


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I feel I have a 99% understanding of the plan for the next upgrade, however, I'm thrown by "the b1908 will be skipped until b2005". To reduce the confusion for my project team and customers, should we all be referring to b2005 rather than b1908? 

Please forgive my ongoing confusion with release processes. 🙄

Yes, the next annual release will go from 1808 to 2005 (inclusive).  We can remove any reference to 1908 for the VSaaS annual release aspect.

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Thanks for a quick response Sany!

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Hi Sany,

I am bit confused when it comes to the retirement of catalog 2.0 for validated customers. What are the exact dates for removal of catalog 2.0 from Preview and PROD. We enabled Catalog 3.0 only in Sandbox and actualy we thought that this will arrive with the next release.