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Archiving Solution for Learning data (=offloading data from the productive system)

Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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Dear all,

Following some recent performance and unavailability challenges that we experienced with our learning environment, SAP is advising us to work on an Archiving Solution (understand, copy/move the data somewhere else, then delete it)

The items being made inactive is apparently not enough and even inactive item labels are impacting reports and admin operations ... 

Have you ever heard a similar request from SAP (or decided to go after archiving by yourselves) ?

If so, I would be intrested to hear about your experience and the solution developed.



Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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I have not heard of this type of suggestion before however I do not have a clear picture of your circumstance. What type of data issues are you encountering that would prompt this?

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As a global business, we have enabled 24 languages in the LMS

Therefore, all of our items and curricula are translated in 24 languages (title & descriptions).

Even when there is no local translation, we have as business rule to copy the english text in the local language.

This is because people don't always think about having english as the secondary search language.

When an item becomes inactive the translations remains in.

SAP is telling us that this is causing inefficiencies in any query being executed when admin run reports or other activities, ultimately leading to a lot of period where the system is simply not available.

They say the large volume of labels, especially for inactive items, needs to be "archived".

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That is interesting that the labels are causing performance issues. What is the volume of Items and Curricula in your system? 

I would expect that SAP would optimize their DB and queries to account for this. There are many global organizations using extensive label translations.

I would be interested to hear if any other organizations are experiencing performance issues due to multi-language labels. Is anyone else experiencing issues?

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I agree that this seems very odd to us that labels are being positioned as the cause for the issue. Especially after the HANA migration, you would think volumes of data would be less of an issue.

Sharing quick numbers:
Items : 200k active - 900k inactive
Curricula : 70k active - 117k inactive.