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Are there any pharma companies with Validated LMS who use iContent to store documents that need to be read and accepted via LMS?

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A business in Australia which is responsible for collection of blood and production of medic blood products is presently implementing SuccessFactors Validated LMS.  The business has a number of documents which need to be read and acknowledged by staff working in the blood collection and manufacturing process.  This business would like to hear from any other businesses that have implemented Validated LMS and are storing the documents within iContent.


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hi Barney,

we store docs in iContent.  what questions do you have?



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Thanks for reaching out Nadeem.  The business I am working for is Red Cross Lifeblood (Australia).  Lifeblood collect blood and manufacture medical blood products.  They are subject to regulations like the FDA in USA.  May I ask which business you work for?  Is your business governed by such regulations?  Do you have validated learning installed?

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hi Barney,

I work for Indivior and we are subject to FDA regs (as well as other regulators for the regions we operate in).

We have validated learning installed and use iContent as our training repository.



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We use iContent to store our documents coming down from our validated Document Management System.  There is a separate integration you need to build outside the LMS to bring files from the DMS to the LMS.  This will ensure that you provide the latest versions to the learners.  You will need to validate that integration.

I would recommend an integration partner that has experience in LMS and boomi integration.  Boomi is a product from Dell.

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@Barney_Hearnden ,

We are a company that is governed by the FDA also OSHA.

Our LMS is validated and we use iContent to store our documents. I am not sure if you are just looking to find out if there are any companies that use iContent, but we do.

Marla Brabham

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We are a vSaaS LMS customer.  We use iContent for our WBTs but our read & sign SOPs are in our Veeva Quality Docs document management system.  Content objects link to Veeva QDocs to ensure the items link to the latest effective approved documents.

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Thanks for the inputs Roger.  A quick follow up if I may.  How are you'll tracking your Veeva content in the LMS.  We have tried using the AICC wrapper so that user can acknowledge taking the training once complete, but the Veeva URLs wont launch within the AICC wrapper (only in a new window).  This is impacting our end user experience,  any inputs appreciated.

Understood - we built our own new AICC custom wrapper to allow cloud-based document management systems like Veeva to open the documents directly for user convenience.

It would be nice if SF would fix their native AICC wrapper to allow for "mixed content" links (https:// vs. http://) as well as opening URLs correctly inside their native wrapper.

Hi @Roger_Reeves ,

This is very interesting. Can you please elaborate on the nature of the custom AICC Wrapper? How does that work? Does it open this wrapper in the same window like a native AICC Wrapper or SCORM content? Where do you host the content?


Ran Shapira

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If you create an enhancement request for that, I'll vote for it!


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We are validated customer and are using Master control for controlled document storage. Master control is generating the course records and sending it through item connector on daily basis.

Only challenge we have is when user launches the course, it is showing the error " Open the content in a new window"

We have enabled AICC wrapper for the content and e-signature upon completion of the course. We are not getting proper solution to fix the error screen.

Can anybody help in fixing the error



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Like others before have replied, we are also a validated LMS customer, regulated by the US FDA in the medical device industry.  We use iContent for our training content repository for eLearning courses (e.g. SCORM modules), but since our company has an electronic document management system (DMS) that is also hosted in the cloud, we choose to link our LMS items to the document location within our DMS when we are dealing with revision-controlled documents.  We have tried in the past to host copies of revision-controlled documents on iContent, but the manual process of trying to maintain revision control manually to keep the versions in sync between iContent and our DMS was very labor-intensive and very much at-risk for having people train to an outdated document.

Good luck,

Mary Katherine

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We are FDA and EPA regulated and like others, we host eLearning courses and some documents on iContent, but for our SOP/WIS documents, we did an integration with our DMS - OpenText Content Server. For those documents, we use the eSignature function because we need the two part verification (username/PIN) versus only clicking a box as an acknowledgement like the AICC-Wrapper.

I agree that it would be great if SAP would fix the AICC-Wrapper to work with other URLs - we would like to link to documents stored on a SharePoint Online site for procedures that are important but not regulated. We are going to have to use eSignature for the time being, even though it isn't really needed for new project.

Maria Molvin

Learning Technologist

GOJO Industries, Inc. 

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Hi, we have implemented VLMS at the pharma production company in Ukraine.

We have fully automated integration of the DMS and LMS with iContent.

The DMS pushes files with item (including the link to the PDF file at iContent) data to SFTP and stores PDF the file at iContent (the same route with the file name as in the integration file for the item in connector). SuccessFactors LMS takes these files through the Item connector and LMS creates new items with the revisions or updates existing items with new revisions.

PDF files with SOPs and other regulatory documents are stored at iContent (as for me iContent = SFTP).

From our experience, we have faced the problem that all the PDF documents from DMS are integrated to LMS (AICC wrapper is used). The functionality realized that after you will get the file from iContent to the user side, the browser has the functionality to save that file and at the mobile app the same story.  You can not disable the download feature to the device from the LMS side. And our business case showed that there are some sensitive documents that can not be saved to end-user devices. So, if you will use iContent with DMS integration, please be aware that users have the functional ability to save documents on their devices. It can be business-critical regards security matters.

The second issue that we have - LMS connector sometimes doesn't work correctly and fails with errors. After few attempts of connector launch, the problem vanishes and everything works fine. Ticket raised to SAP support but there is no clear resolution

Third issue - there was a case when DMS can not be authorized by SFTP and the integration session failed. SAP proposed to make changes to the item connector configuration (connector.input.file.fetch.retry.enable property and set it to true) . At this time issue is not showing up.

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Why did you company decide to push documents to iContent as opposed to accessing documents directly from DMS? Wouldn't this ensure that the employees are always accessing the approved document in the case of an error pushing the document to icontent? 

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The DMS has the original link.  If this link is consistently lined to one static Item ID, the LMS does not know that it's a new version. 

For new versions, the LMS creates a new ItemID.  This gets linked to a curriculum that is created in the DMS and linked to the document. See below.


DMS Doc # = SOP004907 

Version = 1

Version = 2


ItemID = SOP004907 -v1.0

ItemID = SOP004907 -v2.0

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Hi AYang,
that was the best-recommended approach from our implementation team, otherwise, there were licence issues with DMS and the customer decided to push documents to iContent