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Audit of content changes

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hi All,

hoping someone can help with some guidance.

Struggling to find a report or table which shows what changes have been made to content objects assigned to an item.


A user trains on an item which has 3 content objects and an after this an admin goes in and changes one of these objects to a different object and does not revise and reassign the item.  How can we prove to an auditor what objects have actually been trained on?




Galactic 3
Galactic 3

To my knowledge there is no audit report on content object. I would recommend to open a ticket with SAP for further help.

Btw - Thats a good audit report to have.

thanks Dhruv, that's what I thought but wanted to double check. Have requested this from SAP and they advised that the cost is >50k over 3 years. My view is that this should be standard functionality in a validated instance.

I agree it should be standard audit trail information available to customers.  Have you put an enhancement request in?  Surely, we can garner enough votes to have it considered.

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thanks Zachary, will give that a go.

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@nadeem_a Did you create an enhancement request for this? If so, can you send me a link so I can vote on it? In my organization, we are also looking for somethign similar but from what I can tell, this is not available.

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hi Chris,

sorry for the delay in responding, I'm not on here as often as I should be.

SAP built a custom solution for us, as far as I am aware there is nothing in the standard solution that audits changes to content.



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Hi Nadeem,

We are having the same issue identifying the audit details. So when you say SAP had built a custom solution for you, how did you go about getting this done. You involved the professional services team or you managed to get it via SAP ticket.


Jayanthi V

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I think this is why SF implemented the (configurable) change where you cannot edit the content objects once a learner had completed the item. When enabled, the only way to change the content objects was to revise the item. 

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Galactic 2

I cannot stress enough the importance of revising items for customers in regulated industries.  Any time you have fundamentally changed the content - to fix incorrect information, add new content, remove content, etc. you must revise the item.  This is the best way to reliably track who took which version of the training and easily report on it.  We have built-in some guardrails as Ward mentioned in the previous reply, but this is a practice that your admins should be taught early so that it's built into your processes.  

Example 1 - If you incorrectly identified Step 3 of a SOP, you should revise the item and then correct the content that instructs Step 3.  You could then require everyone who took the previous version to retake the corrected training.  And if audited, you know exactly who took the uncorrected version and when they were retrained on the corrected version.

Example 2 - You identify a spelling error in the training that does not affect comprehension or interpretation of the content.  You do not need to revise.

Example 3 - You add a new content object to the course.  You should revise!  You need to know who was trained on the additional content and who was not.

Example 4 - You are changing communication method from AICC to SCORM. You do not need to revise.

I just had to add this because we are migrating about 80 courses this year to facilitate iContent use.

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Hi Rachel,

Thanks for the details. I too agree with you, but business had decided not to use this opt-in feature to force admins to revise an item when a content object change is done and hence the requirement for audit details. I will continue to try convince the customer the use of this feature πŸ™‚ 



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Galactic 3


reading this thread forced me to react. Having multiple Learning implementation experiences I can only stress the following: 

* any new training content either developed internally either bought from external provider should always be thoroughly tested before being imported in PROD (I mean some Learning Responsible/Admin taking the training and checking typo/graphics/metadata (e.g. bookmarks, completion status, embedded exam results etc...))

NO there should not be any typo issues discovered in PROD forcing some kind of heavy revision process.  

Too many times I have seen customers deploying in PROD and discovering that indeed they were "forced" to revise to keep a trace of a change related to some typo issue!!!!!!

When dealing with Compliance Learning then the entire Learning Content management process should be compliant that is to say proper Testing upfront!!!!