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b2005 - e-signature page showing window within a window

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Has anyone experienced after you complete a training then click on Continue which brings up the e-signature page, it shows a window within a window as if you were logged in to a new session.  Please see attached screenshot.  This does not appear in our production environment.  SF support was able to replicate this issue on our instance and is troubleshooting it now.



Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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We are were experiencing this in our vSaaS Learning Preview instance a few weeks ago. The behavior started sporadically in various areas then became persistent starting as soon as user navigated to Learning. I submitted an SAP Support Incident. The initial response was that problem is a browser caching issue. It is not. SAP Support is investigating. Recently we are experiencing a new problem. The Learning User UI is blocked in the HXM Suite Frame.

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I had open a support case for this and they are telling me the fix is in b2011 which I am unclear if this means it would be part of the upgrade to b2005. I'm following up with our CSM as this issue is not acceptable. We cannot have this issue carry over to production and is a result of the b2005 upgrade. What response did you get from Support? Thanks, May

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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We are experiencing this same issue in our vSaaS Staging environment too.  After completing an item that requires e-signature, the user clicks the Return to Content Structure button to bring up the e-signature entry page. The e-signature entry page is what shows with the double header.  The double header does not seem to impact entry of e-signature credentials, but the user cannot navigate back to his My Learning menu if he clicks the link in the lower copy of the header.  The user has to click the My Learning link in the top header in order to get back to his Learning Assignment list.

I agree that this is will be a big issue for our users! 

Would you be willing to email me privately with your SAP ticket number?  It might be beneficial for me to enter an incident also, and if I can provide them with documentation of another customer having the same issue, then it will give greater weight for both of us. 


Mary Katherine Johnson

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A patch ticket has been created and we are assessing risk on placing the fix in b2005. You can reference LRN-86782 or PTCH-33600 on the patch notes We are looking for this to hopefully be patched around the end of this month.

Patch notes will only be updated after the patch has been finalized and code has been locked.


Galactic 2
Galactic 2
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Hi May,

Yes we have also experienced the same for e-signature. SAP mentioned this will be fixed in b2005p24.

We are waiting for SAP to fix it.

Thanks and Regards,

Ram Prakash