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B2005 LMS Testing strategy and approach. New admin UI not yet available in preview instance

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Hi community of LMS VSaaS users,

As you all know the new b2005 Learning release will be deployed in Prod on December 4th. My customer needs to go through UAT and non-regression testing before that date. To do so we were planning to use our Preview system. Unfortunately when clicking on the Home Page tile “Learning Administration” that should take us to the new admin UI, it takes us to the old Flash based UI.

When raising the issue with SAP they answered “

I reviewed this and can see LMS instance is a validated instance (VSAAS) and is therefore it's still on b1808 which has not be upgraded to the new admin UI. This will happen in November in the next VSAAS release.

Whilst your pre-prod and other test LMS environments (also VSAAS) were already upgraded to b2005 and therefore have new admin UI, the mentioned environment is a test instance that is on a production stack, which explains why it remains on b1808 version until VSAAS production is upgraded in November.”

Do you have a similar situation where in your preview system you cannot access the new UI? How then are you planning to UAT the new release? In which environment? (Note that we do have a sandbox pointing on new instance BUT our quality team is not considering this environment as “Compliant” for formal testing as being non-validated)

Any thoughts/guidance would be highly  appreciated

Thanks in advance


Thanks in advance


Galactic 3
Galactic 3

Dear Olivier,

it seems that your test instance is a validated system but on the production stack, means it is upgraded on the dates for productive systems. Our test instance is validated by in the preview stack, means it is upgraded like preview environments and already on b2005. So we are able to test here. It looks like your customer has set up the test instances wrongly as productive stack. You need to discuss this with SAP to change from production stack to preview. But could be that SAP will set up a complete new system for this case. 

Beside this you only have the chance to test on sandbox instance which is on b2005 already. 

Kind Regards, Katja

Galactic 2
Galactic 2

Dear Oliver,

we have faced some mismatches with our expectations. According to the blog staging should be validated and our plan was to perform validated testing at staging, but.... yesterday I have researched IQ reports and have discovered that only pre-prod and prod instance are at SD12-GMP-RZ Data center. Staging is at DC12-YZ datacenter. Now, for us it's a sharp questions while we expected that Staging at validated DC, but it not according to DC naming in IQ report.

Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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Hi Oliver,

According to the FDA guidelines on computerized systems validation - validation activities shall be performed in a closed-environment that is/will be identical to the production instance - With that said you should confirm it with the QA team to ensure you meet their expectations to prevent any surprises throughout the process.