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b2005 Menu Access Issue

Galactic 6
Galactic 6

One of our admin roles is restricted to running reports. As such, they are give permission to search for most everything - but only in reports. Consequently, their menu access in the current system is limited to background jobs and reports. It's clean and has worked well for years. In b2005, however, the ability to search for items and users appears to mean that they are automatically given the menu access to additional areas for which the admins have no need to view (e.g. Learning Activities, People, etc.) The screen shots below are of the same admin where I have simply navigated from new to old interface, but notice the change in their menu access.

Has anyone else noticed the same? Am I missing a way to hide these menu items from the admin? 



Galactic 4
Galactic 4

The administrators with report-only roles now have ability to search for data within the UI. They can only see search results. They can do search prior to running reports to get values for better report filters. Also, sometimes the information needed can be obtained by performing searches.


I would prefer that decision be left to the customer and not require us to perform the additional training that will be required to explain why there are now a dozen new menu items and how to use them, especially since the report-only access met their needs perfectly. Not to mention, a whole new set of validation documents that have to verify the data being displayed is correct.

Confirmed by support ... this is expected and intentional behavior.  They seem to think this is some benefit to users but, in the old/current system, I could have enabled this if I wanted the admin to have access to these menus. Now, I have no choice and I have to validate a ton of new screens.