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b2005 screen issues

Galactic 6
Galactic 6


Is anyone experiencing the following issues with b2005 admin UI?

1. Half page is blank; when I click on the tab, it temporary is full screen then drops to be half screen with top being blank

2. Users Assigned Items has a warning message in regards to time zone "The Required Date is in Pacific Standard Time timezone, Assignment Date is in Coordinated Universal Time timezone and Completion/Failure Date is in Pacific Standard Time timezone. Please reload user entity to view updated preferences for timezones if any" 

3. Items have strange drawings

These are a few things observed and its concerning and having to work with support team to go back/forth on so many issues is difficult.  Anyone having the same experience?  I'm hoping the upgrade of BizX in sandbox and stage to b2005 would resolve some of these but not sure.




Galactic 3
Galactic 3

hi May,

This is known issue due to BIZX environment not being upgraded to b2005. SAP is working to resolve this issue and hoping to get it resolved over the weekend. You might want to quickly take a look at BIZX version it might have a different version which is why this is causing the issue.