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Badge Scanning/Automated attendance recording

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Hi all,

Astellas are in the process of piloting the Hypercision Labs Rollcall Application for the purpose of recording attendance in our LMS via badge scan.  Would any community members be willing to share experience of implementing this or similar technology?  Particularly interested in demonstrating compliance with 21CFR part 11/ Annex 11 requirements.

Many thanks!



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Galactic 6


We would like to implement an automated way of recording learning for attendance at group training sessions, but we have not been able to find a method that meets our needs.  It seems that there are two ways that learning events can be sent to LMS in bulk:

1. Using the Learning History API - We looked at an automated badge scanning tool called RapidRoster, and their tool leveraged the Learning History API to send learning event information to the LMS after the user scanned their badge and an admin triggered the upload.  The reason we did not implement that tool, however, is because the Learning History API cannot pass electronic signature information with the learning history data.

2. Using the Learning History Connector - The Learning History Connector is able to pass user electronic signature information for individual learning events.  And we were able to manually create a sample connector file, complete with e-signature information for the user, and successfully upload the learning event into the user's record.  However, the learning history connector requires a plain text file of learning history data to be uploaded to an SFTP site, and then the learning history connector retrieves the text file to import the data.  We have not implemented the learning history connector because we have not found a way to automate the population of the data into the text file via a badge scanner.  And I would also want my Quality team to weigh in on whether they are comfortable with end-user electronic signature information (minus the PIN/password) being held in a format that would be editable by an administrator who has access to the file on the SFTP site.  So while the learning history connector *can* send electronic signature information, I need a Quality representative to determine whether or not they feel that the connector works in a way that is compliant with Part 11.

I wish I could provide more positive information.  But please reply with your lessons learned if you are able to get an automated badge scanning tool working that sends electronic signature information too.

Good luck!
Mary Katherine Johnson
Terumo BCT