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Calendar-Based Curriculum assignment

Galactic 3
Galactic 3


I know the expected behavior of the system is to skip a year if a user complete the calendar based learning item on and after the basis date; Is this changed or is still the same?

We have a requirement to have training due on a specific date without skipping a year even if a user completes it on or after the Basis date. Researching through the SAP community, it  seems like the system behavior is not changed. I bet lots of customers can benefit from it - like my Life Science/Pharma colleagues, what are you doing for such needs, workaround? 

You can program a training to be due every year on a specific date (say 31st March).  The system will honor it unless it’s completed on or before the due/basis date else it skips a year. We don’t want the system to skip it, for instance, let's say I took the training before the due date i.e. 20Mar2021 then it’s due on 31Mar2022 again but if User2 took it on 12Apr2021 then for him its due on 31Mar2023. 

Our client doesn’t want the system to skip a year even if someone is late, is that possible?