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Can't view more than 500 courses from a Library as a super admin

Galactic 3
Galactic 3
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We have hit a snag, we imported several thousands of courses from a 3rd party provider via OCN but the system doesn't allow admin to view more than 500 courses from a library. Its very strange and I also learned that the new UI may prevent this but we are still on 1H2020 version and its not working to our expectations.

Any leads/thoughts/workaround is greatly appreciated.

As always thanks in advance!

- Dhruv


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This limitation applied to the new UI, even in 1H2021.  If you are looking for a comparison of items imported to a catalog, you can do an item search count instead before & after the import.  You can also request your vendor to provide what files were given to start understanding what you may have on their UI verse what they gave in the API call.

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Thanks for your insight DanM. 

With all due respect that not what I am saying, if you add items in the Library, it only shows 500 items tops (viewing purposes). There is no option to download items list from library similar to the Item search download option. Plus as a super admin you only see 500 items, opening support and troubleshooting vulnerabilities. Only workaround as an admin and thanks to our tech lead, is to create and run custom report, not an ideal option in my view.  As an admin if the system allows dropping of more than 500 courses in library then it should also let you (as a super admin) view it from the front end without having to trigger any reports, similar to how you can view all active items. 

Now it's possible that not a lot of customers may run into this but if you have a 3rd party provider content like us and ever want to add more than 500 courses (we imported 8700+) to a library, the system technically allows it but viewing it from the front end if not available. 

Hope this helps.

- Dhruv

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Hi @Dhruv,

You can technically modify the Component Search Selector to add in the ability to filter based off Library (Catalog). Someone might be able to provide their customized search selector.

This limitation is on the roadmap to be removed.


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Thanks, @ChrisN 

Let me bring it to your IT lead and get their input, I greatly appreciate your insights.