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Cannot remove curricula from Item's Curricula tab - Anyone else having this issue?

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Is anyone else having issues removing curricula from the Item record's Curricula tab?  I have tried multiple times in the new UI, and I cannot get the curricula to be successfully removed.  I don't think it is a security issue since I have the ALL role with all permissions and no security restrictions.  To replicate the issue in the new UI:
* Find an item that has one or more curricula listed on the Curricula tab of the item record.
* Check the box to the left of the curriculum ID (or select all curricula in the list).
* Click the circular Remove icon above the Curricula list.
* When the Schedule Background Job window displays, either Run the job immediately or schedule it to run.
* Confirm background job finishes with Successful status.  Close the background job window.
* The curricula are still displayed on the Item's Curricula tab.
* Refresh the record (search for the item again, log off/log on, I've tried it all) - Curricula are not being removed.

 When I switch back to the old Flash UI, I can remove curricula from the Item's Curricula tab without issue. I have tried several browsers (IE, Firefox, Edge).  And yes, fortunately, I can go to the Curriculum record and remove the Item if I click the Manage Content button.  But some of our items are linked to over 100 curricula.  When we are told that a procedure is being discontinued, we have to remove the item from all curricula.  And being able to remove all curricula in bulk from the Item's Curricula tab is much more efficient than removing the item individually from 100+ curricula.

I got on an Expert Chat with Support, and they were not able to provide an answer.  And I could not find a KBA for this.
Is it just us?  Or is anyone else affected too?
Mary Katherine


Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Hi Mary Katherine,

I tested in our sandbox to remove curriculums via Item and had no issues. I searched for an Item with 3 curricula listed, clicked on the Curricula tab then clicked on the box to select all and click on remove icon. It removed all 3 curricula. I also clicked away from the item then went back to check to make sure it was still removed.