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Content reassignment in b2005 requires you make a change.

Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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Prior to b2005, we were able to go to reset user's training via content reassignment:

1. Go to Item > Online Content

2. Click on the content object then click on Ok

3. Click on Save

4. Content reassignment option is available

in b2005, it requires you to actually make a change.  Is there another way to reset a users' training?  We had used content reassignment in cases where the module was stuck or have issues.




Galactic 6
Galactic 6
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First, there is a new configuration setting in the LMS_ADMIN configuration file, lockItemContentStructure, that defaults to TRUE that causes the current b2005 behavior of not being able to edit an item's content structure after users have begun to complete the item.  You will need to change that value to FALSE to get back to the pre-b2005 behavior of being able to change an item's content structure and trigger content reassignment to assigned users.  Once that setting is disabled:

1.On the Item Online Content tab, click the three dots at the right of the row that contains your content object.

2. Click Edit to open the Edit Content Object box.

3. I suggest making a minor edit to the Object Title field (formerly called the Object Label) such as added a blank space at the end. Click OK.

4. When the Save button appears, click Save.

5. If there are users who have been assigned the item, you will see the content reassignment warning message. Click Reassign and then select all of the users and click Reassign again, as you did in the previous version of the LMS.

CAUTION: The reassignment of the content changes back to assigned users will instantly trigger a notification titled "Item Reassignment Email Notification" to all affected users.  It warns them as follows:

"You have been reassigned the learning item: [Item ID and Title]. If you downloaded the item to Learning Offline, the offline copy is now invalid. Do NOT play it. Download a new version from SuccessFactors Learning. The next time Learning Offline is synchronized, the old version of the item along with your progress - will be deleted from Learning Offline."

Since we do not use Learning Offline at this time, I really do not like this notification! 

@sany said, can you tell us how to turn off the Item Reassignment Email Notification when item content structure changes get reassigned to users?


Mary Katherine Johnson

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Hi Mary Katherine,

Yes I have already updated the configuration and the issue now is that we must update something to trigger reassignment vs. pre b2005, I only had to click on Save without making any changes and it triggers the reassignment which is how we currently reset a user's training especially training is stuck. This does not trigger notifications to user. There is an "Reset Online Item" automatic process which triggers a notification but this is related to if you indicate # of days from launch to reset which we don't use. Thanks, May