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Do you allow deletion of learning history events in validated LMS?

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We give specific admins in the business the ability to delete learning events in our validated LMS. When looking into the audit trails, we noticed a large number of deletion because of erroneous recordings. Deleting of learning events is deemed high risk from a validation perspective.

I am curious how other validated customers deal with deletion of learning events? do you allow your admins to delete? do you have a process in place? 




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We only allow the Super Administrators the ability to delete training from a learners history...we only have 3 people with this capability. 

If a Learning Administrator needs training removed from a learners history, they send who the training needs to be removed from, what training needs to be removed and why they are requesting a removal. Once this has been done, then the Super Administrator will go in and complete the removal if it is valid. 

We do not give our Learning Administrators the ability to delete history, but they do have the ability to edit the learning history.


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thank you Brabham Marla!

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In our business we never remove training from an employee once it is completed, even if it was assigned correctly.  What we can do is to "revoke" the credit with a comment.  When records are pulled it shows the learner completed the training on a certain date and then that training was revoked on another date with a reason.