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Documentation for IContent Migration

Galactic 1
Galactic 1
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We are a Validated Learning Customer and on 19th June we've received the comunication from SAP about the transition of our iContent from DC2 to DC12.
We know by support SAP that the Operations Team is going to launch a script to modify the launch method of our contents on 13th July, so they are goingo to write to the Database.
As per FDA authoriy no one has to access in written mode to our database, so we need the documentation which gives evidence of this operations. To be clearer, what we need is just a communication about the operation they are going to do.
Is it possible to have it or to find it somewhere?
We've already know that no IQ report will be released for this operation.

We need to modify also our integration between our documental software and LMS and we need test this change. We have to put in place a Validation test, so we need a test environment before the transiction or a access to the new environment before the change.

Mauro Bianchi

Zambon S.p.A.