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E-Signature PIN reset options

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Dear SAP LMS Validated Customers

I would like to ask about PIN reset options that you are using in Your companies.

Is it reset by Admins via User profile>Reset User PIN or different way?

We would like to automate it as a lot of users ask for PIN reset.




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Hi Filip

Pretty sure that's the only way.

We stress to the end users to keep their PINs simple, 4 digit number or letter combinations that will be easy to remember.

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This is an important feature addition to us as well--security questions for a self-service PIN reset. Our Learning support tickets are about 70% PIN resets.

Please add your kudos and comments to the enhancement request portal so this can be prioritized with PM:

That request is for AD PIN syncronization. There is a second request specific to self-service PIN resets:

@Mary Jo Lintz @ftarnaws @LoganCBStanley

I totally forgot to mention but the use of network ID's as PINs is on the roadmap and we may see the implementation in one of the next cycle updates.


To clarify, Product Management said the e-Sig enhancement to make network password the PIN will not make it into the 1708 release. Therefore, the earliest it would arrive is 1808 (April 2019). Next, the other option you have is to do an e-Sig extension with the help of SF professional services. There are other validated customers that have taken this approach.


is there any way we can raise the priority of that enhancement? Any specific enhancement request we could vote for? I think it would be a big added value to most validated customers...

Thanks for raising the topic!

where can i find information on this feature. We are looking to build a custom solution to have network password as the esig password. If its on the roadmap, it may be worth waiting for...

could not find anything on the community about this specific item being on the roadmap and the customer influence link above does not work for.

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@kavita juvvadi

Here is a link to an Idea posted about this that states it's under consideration.  Of course, this thread is a couple years old...

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Thank you very much for sending the link, very helpful! 

It appears that this requirement has been under consideration for over a year. Is there a way to find out if this made its way to the enhancements list? We are evaluating the need to build a custom solution to accomplish this specific need It would be good to know if its already identified as a road map item.

Hi John,

I have recently implemented Validated Learning and are also struggling with PIN resets and are exploring solutions:

- The solutions for PIN reset by professional services are extravagant expensive. 

- This enhancement request is "under review" for years

- Your indication that it's on the roadmap is also very old.

We're now 2021 ... any chance product development will come up with a solutions for its validated customers?



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The following link from a previous message link does not seem to be correct.

I get a 404 - Not Found message when I try to access it.

Thank you.

I agree that the self service reset of PINs is a major miss by the Product Development team.  When clients report that the majority of their SF tickets is related to PIN resets, then there is definitely an opportunity for simplification by SF.