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eSignature and iContent Cache Eviction

Galactic 4
Galactic 4
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Hi Everyone,

At Emergent, we are experiencing a few issues and wanted to see if you are facing the same issue with #1 and #2 is more for awareness for vSaas customers.

#1 - Enter your Pin Message Box Issue

Symptom: Some learners are seeing a Enter your Pin message box when they eSign.  It should not ask for this since we moved to a network username and password in 2019.

Root Cause: SAP is stating this is normal eSignature behavior. To be able to record the completion with these e-signature credentials, you have to click outside of the password field so that it is not selected anymore (you can see the thin blue frame disappears from the field, once your cursor is not inside of the field) and then you can select Submit.


Short Term - I have updated the Pin message box message and translated it.

  • English - "To avoid this message, when entering your network username and password, please click outside the password field box and then click submit."
  • German - "Um diese Meldung zu vermeiden, klicken Sie bei der Eingabe Ihres Netzwerkbenutzernamens und -kennworts außerhalb des Feldfelds Kennwort und dann auf Senden.  "

Long Term - I have requested SAP fix this "bug" in their patch release.

#2 - iContent Cache Eviction

Symptom: If you have an integration with a eDMS, the "Authorized" state files are overwritten with "Effective" state files.  The latest "Effective" state version is not being displayed to users.

Root Cause: SAP changed the cache eviction from 1 day to 7 days to 30 days without notifying the client. 

Solution: In progress by SAP.  SAP says the cache eviction setting is on the data center level and needs to be assessed because it will affect other clients.  We have a SCAR opened up and want to make sure other vSaas clients are aware of this.