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Fulfilling training needs for Contract/Contingent Workforce

Galactic 3
Galactic 3

We currenrly do not have a central source/owner for contract worker data. Data comes in from a variety of sources and training assignments occur manually. Can you all please help me understand how you all manage contract/contingent workforce? Trying to get a feel for how others in the life sciences space are tacking this.

Is HR the business owner responsible to accurately maintain contractor data? In our case, HR is not in the loop and does not know when contractors are onboarded/off boarded? 

Is Quality the business owner?

Any other innovative ideas to accomplis this?


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Do you provide your contractors with a kind of corporate account (unique ID to access computers and systems)?

In this case, if you manage it with Active Directory it is a complete source of contractors data

This is what we do. It is not HR maintaining a database of contractors, IT maintains one because of corporate accounts assignment.

I hope it helps

Kind regards,


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Thank you Sara!

While IT currently manages a portion of contract workers in AD; this is limited to those needing access to the network. Wondering how folks are managing to have a complete picture.

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Hi Kavita, I just sent to you the two options that are available today, with the sunsetting of standalone LMS.  Paulette

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thank you Paulette

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Managing contingent/contract workforce (Non-employees) is challenging if there is no one source system. We have developed an hybrid system an interface and manual process, however there are challenges managing the manual accounts, specially during the org resturtuing and requiring updates. It therefore merits, Periodic review and frequent audits for manual accounts. Hope this add some perspective.